we are on a mission to redefine the landscapes of mental wellness, social integration, holistic well-being, and educational experiences through avant-garde Virtual Reality solutions. As a Valvira-registered entity, we bring a layer of trust and expertise to the transformative realm of VR. 

Unleash the transformative power of XR for your healthcare organization. Our tailored, end-to-end solutions streamline implementation, empowering you to elevate patient care and revolutionize your healthcare practices

Our Philosophy

Where simplicity meets Innovation In a world where technology often complicates, we strive for simplicity and effectiveness. We aim to make cutting-edge VR technology accessible and impactful for everyone, from individuals to institutions, right here in our modern country.

Our Approach Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
We're not just tech aficionados, we're visionaries.

Our team works in unison, like the harmonious Finnish choirs, to ensure that we're in sync with our clients' needs and aspirations. We employ strategies that make our VR solutions not only groundbreaking but also user-friendly and relatable.

The Finnish Touch  Embracing Our Roots 


Just as the Finnish people have learned to embrace the extremes of our weather—from the endless summer sun to the deep winter darkness—we too embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation. Our solutions are designed to be as resilient and adaptable as the Finnish spirit, providing a beacon of well-being and technological advancement. 


Begin your journey todayand bring your ideas to life!

Make It Modern

Step into the future with FINN VR Consult's digital sanctuary, your ultimate destination for groundbreaking Virtual Reality solutions, where our team of experts harnesses the transformative power of Virtual Reality to redefine mental wellness, amplify social integration, enrich holistic well-being, and revolutionize educational paradigms. As a Valvira-registered entity in psychotherapy, we're not just talking about change—we're accredited to make it happen. Immerse yourself in a curated collection of compelling case studies, essential guides, and real-life success stories that validate the life-altering impact of VR. Ready to join the revolution? Our mission is crystal clear: to ignite a wave of tech-driven adoption, fuel business ingenuity, and unlock unprecedented opportunities, all while converting curious minds into lifelong advocates and expanding our sphere of influence.

Our Refrances

“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we use when we create them” 

— Albert Einstein